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Servaux Marseilles

Anse de Saumaty - Chemin du Littoral 13016 MARSEILLE - France

Tel. +33 4 91 46 60 80
Fax. +33 4 91 46 40 93

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Latitude : 4321'29.08"N / Longitude : 519'30.99"E

Owner land : 16.100 m
Infrastructure : 7.550 m of which 6000 m of warehouses and 1550 m of offices

Premises of Servaux Global Marine Services Marseilles

SERVAUX has in Marseilles warehouses, a dispersal platform, workshops and offices placed at the immediate proximity of the Autonomous Harbour of Marseilles.

general supplies stock Marseilles dispersal platform Marseilles Autonomous Harbour of Marseilles


general supplies stock fire fighting equipment lifeferaft service station

Capacity of Servaux Global Marine Services Marseilles

Rolling equipment

  • Renault 19 T equiped with an hatchback
  • Mercedes 5T CU platfrom / side panels
  • 4 trucks Ford 3T5
  • Renault platfrom / side panels 3m equiped with an electric crane
  • Ford platfrom / side panels 4.10m equiped with an electric crane
  • 2 forklifts 2,5 T hyster + 1 electrical 1T5

Warehousing of technical products

Organized since a long time to work just-in-time to quickly answer the requirements of our customers, in particular ship owners, the company Servaux keeps nevertheless available stocks of technical products necessary to the common needs of the vessels.

Lifejackets liferafts Fire fighting equipment

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