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Pyrotechnics : supply of leisure and professional pyro items : rockets, hand flares, lifesmokes...

Leader in France for the supply of pyrotechnics for the leisure and the professional maritime market, SERVAUX is the historical importing company of the brand Pains Wessex, today member of the group Chemring Marine.

The quality, technological superiority and innovative design of the products sold, combined with worldwide SOLAS approvals, including MED and USCG, has placed Pains Wessex at the forefront of marine safety .

Pyrotechnics - Marseille - Le Havre rockets - Marseille - Le Havre lifesmokes - Marseille - Le Havre

Worried about environment conservation and the danger of keeping an expired pyro item, the company SERVAUX offers today to its customers a picking up and a safe disposal of out of order articles.

Proud of holding a storage facility subjected to a prefectorial autorisation, SERVAUX has permanently on stock an available quantity of products sufficient to answer quickly to your needs.

Pyrotechnic products

  • Red rocket parachute flare
  • Red handflare
  • Orange lifesmoke
  • Manoverboard
  • Linethrower apparatus
  • Day and night signal
  • Personal distress signal

Flares should never be used after expiry date.

At expiry, flares must be disposed of carefully and in accordance with local regulations.

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Version Franaise Servaux traduction franaise : Pyrotechnie, vente d'articles pyrotechniques pour la marine de plaisance et la marine professionnelle : fuses, feu main, fumignes...