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Safety at sea, fire fighting, aeronautic, industry : services

Concerning onshore, offshore, maritimeindustries or aeronautics,the technical valuation, the mobility and the experience of the company Servaux guarantee the efficiency and the quality of the service, in close collaboration with the port decision-makers and the support of the classification societies.

Safety at sea - Marseilles - Le Havre fire fighting - Marseilles - Le Havre classification societies - Marseilles - Le Havre

Relying on a wide network of manufacturers of fire fighting range of products,SERVAUX can supply most of the equipment ofprotection and extinction of fire, offering also thestatutory maintenance of it under the regulations in force.
From the portable extinguishers to the the most sophisticated fixed installations, the technicians form SERVAUX are entitled to control all the fire fighting equipments,and more specifically the breathing apparatus or EEBDs from the top international brands, such asFenzy, Draeger, MSA or Scott, services for whichSERVAUX has developed a know-how well acknowledged by all the maritime industry.

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Version Franaise Servaux traduction franaise : Scurit incendie navale, aronautique, industrielle : prestations