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Safety at sea, fire fighting, aeronautic, industry : equipments

  • Portable and semi-portable fire extinguisher
  • Fire extinguishing fixed system :

- By gas, high or low pressure (CO2, FM200, )
- By water : branchpipe, hose and couplings
- By dry powder
- By physical foam with liquid sample analysis

  • Self-contained breathing apparatus, filter mask and emergency escape breathing device
  • Oxygen resuscitator apparatus
  • Gas detector
  • Fireman's outfit or chemical protective suit
  • Hydraulic testing of any type of cylinder or pressurized gas tank
  • Compressed air, CO2 and Nitrogen refilling
  • Breathing air compressor and air quality test

Fire extinguishing - Marseilles - Le Havre Fireman's outfit - Marseilles - Le Havre

SERVAUX's commitment with the QUALITY of the whole equipment sold, the continuous availability of critical items and the vigilance in the enforcement of the international regulations will always comply with your expectations and your reliability requirement.
SERVAUX is approved by Bureau Veritas, RINA, GERMANISCHER LLOYD, LLOYDS REGISTER, ABS, DNV and Russian Register as a service supplier for survey and maintenance of safety and life saving equipment as well as fire fighting systems.

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Version Franaise Servaux traduction franaise : Scurit incendie navale, aronautique, industrielle, matriels