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Servaux global marine services : equipment, general supplies, life saving, safety, fire fighting ... For the marine industry.

it was founded in 1912, the main target of Servaux (Services Auxiliaires de l'Armement) has always been to answer with efficiency and swiftness to the requirements of the vessels calling the European ports offering a wide and complete range of supplies and quality services.

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Backed up by many industrial partners of great reputation, Servaux has managed to keep its customer's confidence. It holds a leader position both in the field of safety on board and general supplies for deck and engine.

Thanks to this know-how, Servaux has broaden its offer to the inshore business, to the aeronautics, to the offshore industry and has succeeded in achieving a diversification in the leisure market.

365 days a year, its commitment is the same : to listen constantly to its customers to always bring more solutions with a permanent concern for quality and reliability.

For its customers, Servaux always endeavours to overpass the limits of achievement and service.

A little bit more on Servaux Global Marine Services

The company Servaux, based in Marseilles and Le Havre, the two main french harbours, was bought in May 2000 by the Group CFM FERAUD, specialized in the services and equipment for the land and maritime transport.

Marseilles safety Marseilles fire fighting Le Havre fire fighting

With this acquisition, the Group CFM FERAUD has even more reinforced its position in the maritime business, setting up within the company a general shipchandling hub.

Servaux is a member of the IMPA, International Marine Purchasing Association, the first worldwide association gathering shipchandlers and shipowners, intended to promote their cooperation.

IMPA International Marine Purchasing Association

This general shipchandler having specific skills, has for main assignment to answer globally to the requirements of the shipowners both in the technical field of the general supplies for deck and engine, and in the safety area.

In the technical field of the general supplies for deck, engine and safety, Servaux positions itself as the national leader, being present in Le Havre and in Marseilles, in the supply of general stores, deck and engine, maintenance equipment, catering business products but also as the main operator in the field of lifesafety and firefighting equipment and services for the maritime industry.

lifesafety - Marseilles - Le Havre scurit incendie navires - Marseille - Le Havre deck and engine - Marseille - Le Havre

The company Servaux (Services Auxiliaires de l'armement), founded in 1912 in Marseilles by shipowners worried to rationalize the supply of their vessels operates 7
days a week and 365 days a year.

Version Franaise Servaux traduction franaise : Servaux global marine services, matriels, fournitures, sauvetage, scurit incendie... Pour la marine.